Jesus and market socialism

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Mon Nov 6 06:33:23 MST 1995

On Sun, 5 Nov 1995, Robert Peter Burns wrote:

>  Okay, in a Proyectian mode, I shall declare this
>  as my last post of 1995 on the subject of Jesuitica.

As an undergraduate, I majored in religion and did a senior thesis on St.

Jesus Christ is, along with the prophet Isaiah and the poet William
Blake, one of my favorite preachers.

I wonder what Jesus what say if he came back to our world today (in the
spirit of the Grand Inquisitor chapter of Brothers Karamazov) and
discovered one of his followers, a brother by the name of Robert Peter
Burns advocating "market socialism"?

Might he say something like this: a worker is not a commodity to be
traded on the open market like a pork belly or silver. There should never
be a price tag attached to a human being, since we are all children of
God and holy.

I became a socialist early in life partly because I had some
shred of religiosity. Who knows if I have any nowadays? I certainly
maintain a belief in the sacredness of life, including the lowliest
insect. That is why I am repelled by the notion of market socialism and
why I am attracted to the notion of abolishing the market and building
genuine socialism. All in all, I find the figure of Che Guevara much more
inspirational than John Roemer.

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