Marxist Christian dialogue

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Mon Nov 6 08:38:00 MST 1995

The exchange with Peter has been very interesting, in humor and

A Marxist Christian dialog is important and a valuable thread for this list
IMO. I'm interested in Peter's comments about the religious backgrounds of
the abolitionists as I believe from my reading and personal knowledge that
he is right. My wife's family on her non-Jewish side were abolitionists and
part of the underground railroad in Wisconsin. I also have read of Jewish

Were Catholics big in the abolitionists movement, my impression is it was
more fire breathing protestants?

What do folks know about the 'social gospel' school that arose in the
1920's. It was a precursor to liberation theology. It had a strong school of
followers at the Vanderbilt devinity school. They pushed 'State and
Revolution,' Marx and Lenin, along with the bible. Some inspired by this
school played an important role in helping to organize CIO and the
unemployed in the 1930's. A personal hero of mine in the South, Rev. Claude
Williams, led some pretty dynamic movements against racism, helped build the
unions etc. He founded the People's Institute of Applied Religion. He was
also a CIO organizer and CP organizer in Memphis and Alabama.

What do you know about this movement Peter? And good luck with your surgery.
Best wishes will have to do rather than prayers, all previous attempts
having proved remarkably ineffectual....;-)


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