Proof of Gods

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Mon Nov 6 23:02:30 MST 1995

Peter Burns opines that if it was good enough for Marx, it is good enough for
him - in connection with a refusal to adopt an anti-clerical, anti-religious
and militantly atheistic politics in an international workers movement.
Specifically, he (correctly) notes that Marx refused to countenance the
exclusion of religious individuals from the First International. I do not
view this as a question necessarily of rationalism. I may view religious
beliefs as essentially irrational and also essentially ambiguous vis a vis
socialist politics. Seems to me that militant atheism was a 19th century
Liberal cause which was transformed into a 20th century left-wing program
because of Russian bolsheviks and Spanish anarchists, each of which were
hardly the type of progressive worker movement anticipated by earlier

Also seems to me, courtesy of Marx, that God and Religion are the Soul and
Heart of a soul-less and heart-less world. ESPECIALLY if they are illusions,
so much more so necessary to some, maybe even essential to most.

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