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This relates to the suggestion that the inquisition was a long time ago,
and liberation theology is contemporary, therefore why worry about the

Yet one thing that struck on me reading Jon Sobrino (the sole surviving
Jesuit from the Salvadorn UCA) on this massacre was the continuous
invocation of St. Ignatius, as much as if not more than any reference or
argument to political analysis, *or* even as much as the argument is
theological.  Admittedly, this book is put out by a coalition of Catholic
agencies (CAFOD, CIIR, SCIAF, TROCAIRE), so it may in part be a question
of audience, but still:

"They were men of spirit, although outwardly they were not 'spiritual' in
the conventional sense.  From Ellacuria [as I remember, the rector of the
UCA] I learnt the expression 'poor with spirit,' to express adequately
the relationship between poverty and spirituality.  Above all I want to
call these Jesuits 'men with spirit.'  And this spirit showed itself, as
St. Ignatius recommends in the meditation to attain love, 'more in deeds
than in words.'

"Above all, a spirit of service.  If anything emerges clearly from this
community, it is their work, to the point where they called us fanatics.
But it was work that was really service.  In this they were certainly
outstanding disciples of St. Ignatius."  (_Companions of Jesus: The
Murder and Martyrdom of the Salvadorean Jesuits_ 11)

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