Sweden and market socialism

Robert Peter Burns rburns at scf.usc.edu
Wed Nov 8 09:15:08 MST 1995

I'm sure that even Louis P can't seriously think
that the sad fate of Sweden in the last 10 years
is due to the evils of market socialism.  The
Swedish model is collapsing because of a concerted
effort by pro-capitalist forces to make it collapse.
It had that fatal feature of being a> not free
market capitalism combined with b> an enviable
standard and quality of life for nearly all its

But Louis does raise a serious point: that Sweden
like other First World countries had a standard
of living that depended on exploitation of the
Third World.  So let me ask the list: how much
lowering of the First World's workforce's living
standards do you think is necessary for socialist
justice?  Or are there <realistic> ways of building
socialism which do not require generalized material
sacrifice by First World workers?

Peter Burns SJ
rburns at scf.usc.edu

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