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Wed Nov 8 11:11:01 MST 1995

On Tue, 7 Nov 1995 UticaRose at wrote:

> The Inquisition was hundreds of years ago; liberation theology has awakened
> at least two generations of Latin revolutionaries.

	And Stalin's purges were 60 years ago -- yet we still apparently
have to `answer' for that... Given that the Catholic Church STILL works
hand in glove with fascists and other reactionaries, I don't think it's so
out of line to bring up its past crimes.

> As a "welcome" to a Jesuit, I would think it more "friendly" to discuss what
> we have in common, rather than stirring up tribal memories.

	I think I've made it clear before on this List, that, while I
would LOVE to discuss all and sundry, the physical load imposed on us here
leads naturally to some of us preferring that it sticks to MARXISM...

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