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You have quite an exciting opportunity. I would suggest, though, that
since you are going to "RESTRUCTURE" the entire curriculum you give some
_hard_ thought to what you want to accomplish teaching economics rather
than merely the selection of a textbook or books.

The first question, IMO, is: who are your students?

The second question is: what do they need to know?

The third question is: how do you create a progressive learning

In other words, you should ask yourself *who* you will be teaching (and
_learning_ from), *what* you think is important for *your* students to
know (e.g. as workers, as citizens), and *how* you will be able to do this.

Choosing a textbook comes *after* you answer the above questions. I would
say, though, that you can take Steve K's suggestion regarding Samuelson
and put it in the circular file. Do you really want to curse your
students with that bourgeois propaganda? There *must* be progressive
alternatives (Wolff and Resnick, for instance).

Good luck to you!


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