Value of RE-production

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Mon Nov 6 17:02:54 MST 1995


As I suggested before--inspired by Grossmann and Blake-- it is important to
emphasize that Marx understands value as the socially necessary time
required to REproduce a commodity.  So as Guglielmo Carchedi has argued,

Chris B:

I would appreciate if you could say more about this point. It seems
right, but under what conditions? Did Marx himself actually say this,
or is it reasonable to read him that this is implied?

In the quote I posted about machinery producing *relative* surplus
value, it seems to me we have to be acutely aware with ever new
technology emerging, of the sense in which a portion of value is
seized by the entrepreurial capitalist, which is *not* reproducible on
a continuing basis.

We also would strengthen the application of marxist ideas if we could
link up on this with the powerful critique by green economists, that
business (capitalist business) externalises costs, eg pollutes.

Any idea how your point is worked out in more concrete detail?

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