October Stats: Digest up 25%

Chris Burford cburford at gn.apc.org
Fri Nov 10 17:31:25 MST 1995

Thanks very much Otto, for your creative look at the wide range of countries
who sub*scribe to the list.

I am impressed by your ability to write semi-automatic little thingies.
I would like you to have a go again and would be happy to link up with
you as I have got into the habit of doing it at the end of each month.

It feels good that you could take this a step forward and the list
is increasing in its sophisticated division of labour. Maybe others
can think of ways they could he*lp.

Just so your progress is not lost, if your aunt became ill and you
had to drop out of the list, if you are willing and when it is in a
convenient form, perhaps you might like to share your programme
with all the co-moderators and Jon?


Chris B, London.

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