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Sat Nov 11 21:14:33 MST 1995

Hi Richard,

I got your address from the Marxism List and I am just writing to ask you a
question.  A paper by Balibar entitled 'Structural Causality,
Overdetermination and Antagonism' is apparently being/has been published in
your journal, _Rethinking MARXISM_.  At least this is what was intimated in
a recent German collection on Althusser (a recent issue of
_Argument-Sonderband_).  Which issue is it? (ANU does not get your journal
but I may be able to find a copy in Adelaide Uni which does/did keep it -
at least last time I was there).

Also, are there any plans to translate Dominique Lecourt's piece on Marxism
and Lacan (from his book _La philiophie sans feinte_, Paris, 1982), a
German translation of which appeared in the same issue of _A-S_, or the
piece by Ratsko Mocnik which defended Lacanism in the same issue?

The issue of _A-S_ is #228, 1994, with the title 'Denk-Prozesse nach
Althusser'.  My dear friend Wal Suchting sent me a copy of Lecourt's paper
in German, unaware of just how rusty my high school German is! (I'm going
to have to invest in a English-German dictionary I think).



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