Support the Detroit newspaper strikers

Scott Marshall Scott at
Sat Nov 11 06:55:00 MST 1995

A few dozen calls from around this list would he*lp the Detroit newspaper
strikers. Ignore the 'free country' bit. You can if you try, this wasn't
sent to the marxism list originally. It's the action that counts.

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                    "WHO YOU GONNA CALL?
                       (Union Busters)

	If you're looking for a way to he*lp the Detroit newspaper
strikers, you can make a toll-free telephone call to the newsrooms of
both the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press. Tell'em what you think--
it's a free country and a free call.

                   DIAL 1-800-678-6400  EXT.2300 (DETROIT NEWS)
                                        EXT.6600 (FREE PRESS)

                      "SOLIDARITY WORKS"

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