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Sun Nov 12 00:31:49 MST 1995

On Sat, 11 Nov 1995, Robert Peter Burns wrote:

> A fundamental principle in logic is the principle
> of non-contradiction--the principle that tells
> us that it is incorrect, illogical to assert a
> logical contradiction.


  How could natural science
> investigate, explain, or discover this principle
> --for doesn't every form of rational inquiry,
> including natural science presuppose it?  How
> otherwise could we distinguish good science from
> bad science, rational assertion from irrational
> assertion?

	(God, I KNEW these Jesuits would be trouble...)

  Does not the scientific investigation
> of nature presuppose the very normative validity
> of reason you disdain as the "high-falootin"
> projections of our own speciesist metaphysical
> abstractions?  Or are you quite content to assert
> logical contradictions, Jim?

	Obviously the universe has a built-in logic.  I'm sure you know
that I'm not arguing that it doesn't.

	Perhaps we are having difficulties with definition of terms here
(I'm sure you think -- there I go: `projecting' -- it's all with me, but I
_REALLY_ don't give two farts about metaphysics and purposely choose to
AVOID fusty academese...)  So -- ala Inigo: define me your definition of
`normative validity'.  To (Qw

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