Wilhelm Reich was *not* a "closeted fascist"!

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Sun Nov 12 05:47:18 MST 1995

Carlos wrote that Wilhelm Reich was a "closeted fascist."

This is quite absurd. Reich was a *victim* of fascism who was persecuted
and forced to leave Germany in order to save his own life. Moreover, he
was a *fighter* against fascism.

True, Reich went a little [understatement] off the deep end when he
arrived in exile in this country (e.g. orgones et al). Yet, he was
*never* a fascist or anything close to it (in this country he was also a
victim of McCarthyism).

For those who want to read a short biography of Reich, I recommend the
"Introduction" by Bertill Ollman to _Sex-Pol_ (a collection of Reich's
earlier Marxist writings).

BTW, what was the "closeted" comment about? Reich was a very vocal and
active opponent of German fascism. I must say that I don't appreciate it
when "Marxists" libel and slur the names of dead Marxists, particularly,
those who fought for liberation and were persecuted for their beliefs.


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