Alleanza nazionale is still fascist

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Mon Nov 13 17:21:40 MST 1995

>Alleanza Nazionale is still a fascist party.> Wrote Alan R.
You can call any party as you want or as it like to be called, but the
reality is often different. The "real" fascist who were in the MSI
(Movimento sociale italiano) before its transformation in AN, well, they split.
To say that Alleanza Nazionale is still fascist is as to say (as the most
stupid bourgeoises, like di ANers or di followers of Berlusconi are saying)
that the PDS is still communist!
Do you want to say that AN is reactionary? Welle, it is.
Is it racist. Yes it is.
But as I already stated the AN's programme has nothing to do with any
properly fascist programme.
Then if you want to call fascist every thing which is right wing (for call
the united front with all the liberal shit), very well, marxism is something
Talking on United front, don't you think that the proletariat has already
made a bulk of united fronts, gaining even new rulers but nothing for itself
as a class?
We have to build the proletarian international party, organizing the
vanguards on a solid clear principled base. And still you support the united
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