Oh, god, not again

Jeffrey Booth booth2 at husc.harvard.edu
Tue Nov 14 07:46:42 MST 1995

	"Rudeness... ."  Rudeness is the short-hand of the oppressed!
The memo of the maimed!  I've held back on flaming the Jesuit.  I thought
it was obvious that his whole method is non-materialist.  Therefore,
tomorrow he could be on Hiders of Nazi War Criminals List with others of
his Oder.  Why try to engage a religious propagandist in a materially
based discussion?  But people tried... .
	Some people on this list are getting mad at the injection of
religious superstition BECAUSE IT IS REPRESSIVE.  As a former Catholic
who suffered through six years of CYO basketball and two years at a
Catholic "University" I can testify that whatever flack the Jesuit gets,
he's got it coming to him.
	Maybe the whole damn subject should be dropped but it wouldn't be
good to hinder anyone's right to post on any topic.  And the Energizer
Brothers of Masochism love to forgive.

				-- Jeff Booth

On Thu, 9 Nov 1995, Lisa Rogers wrote:

> Is there any chance we could just drop the whole damn subject?
> I suppose that religion's a legit list topic as long as it is about
> the relations between marxism and religion in some way.  But some of
> the reaction seems like the way some white people act when they meet
> a black person - they might even "mean well" but they can't think of
> anything to talk about except "black" issues.
> I sincerely expect that Peter Burns has got something interesting to
> talk about other than religion, and I would hope that the rest of us
> do too.
> And we all don't have to agree, or argue until we agree, that's
> impossible on any topic.  So, once we've already expressed our
> opinions, must we repeat ourselves?
> Any of your sects/orders/parties can have membership criteria, but
> the list is open to anyone who wants to discuss things related to
> marxism.
> I try to take each post on its own merits, even to the point of
> setting aside or forgiving past list behavior of the author.
> I'll take good conversation from almost anyone, as long as you don't
> start pestering me with some particular orthodox line, and try to
> convert me to your better brand of marxism.  I mean religion.  Either
> one.
> Besides, there's no reason to wallow in the rudeness which some
> people are so attached to.  I want this list to get more civil
> conversation.
> Lisa
> p.s. I sympathize with Gary, and thank him for his post on his
> experience with progressive religionists in Australia.
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