Robert Peter Burns rburns at scf.usc.edu
Tue Nov 14 11:23:18 MST 1995

The trouble with Yugoslavia was that it abandoned
meaningful economic planning.  Since market socialists
of the Schweickart/Rosser/Burns variety are against having
only markets or only planning, and are in favor instead
of having both, with each in Trotsky's phrase used
to check and implement the other, using the example
of Yugoslavia as a stick to beat us with relies on
a non-sequitur, and is just plain erroneous.  This
is not to say that nothing good ever happened in
Yugoslavia.  When it *did* combine planning with markets,
and when it *did* take workers's self-management more
seriously, its economic record was comparatively superb
<from the early 50s to the late 60s>.  Total anti-planning
and total anti-market regimes, by contrast, both have a
sorry record by contrast.
[End of my contribution on this subject]

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