Ireland post

Chris Burford cburford at
Tue Nov 14 17:14:43 MST 1995

I would like to express appreciation to Karl (or is it Kaarl) for
the concrete post on current developments in Ireland.

I am just exchanging thoughts off list with Hinrich about how
the subject matter of this list can be broadened out.

Really I think it is fine for contributors from each country to
have a go at risking a contribution. I find many of the
posts about specific conditions in the USA very interesting. I
would too from other countries.

We need to think beyond the initial impression about numbers. I am
sure the subscribers to this list from the USA are not
subscribing because they think of themselves first as citizens of the
USA but as internationalists. We all have a part to play in making this
list work.

Chris, London.

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