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Dear Shawgi Tell

Shawgi Tell writes:

"IDEALISM is a theory of the nature of consciousness.  The idealist, often
unconsciously, considers consciousness to be an independent, autonomous
and self-sufficient phenomenon.  Consequently, the idealist reverses the
proper ontological and causal priority of the world.  That is, ideas are
seen as generating material reality."

Idealism is an ontology rather than a mere theory of the nature of
consciousness. Idealism is concerned with the characterisation of being. As
an ontology it argues that being is essentially rational and thereby ideal.
To argue
that ideas generate "material reality" is to mistake the ideological
significance of idealism. Under idealism "material reality" is a form of
reason. Idealism is a monist rather than a dualist ideology. To suggest that
the distinction between idealism and materialism is one confined to a merely
causal context as to whether matter generates mind or the reverse. This view
smacks of the "diamat" of the Stalinist era which is prisoner to the
misconceptions of Engels. He argued that real materialism is dialectical
materialism which is essentially Hegelianism in reverse. Engels never
realised that authentic materialism is historical materialism and not
dialectical materialism. Marx grounded himself on the materialist conception
of history and not dialectical materialism which is a layman's religion
actively encouraged by stalinism.

   Yours etc.,
              Karl Carlile

Yours etc.,
           Kaarl Carlile

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