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Tue Nov 14 10:28:29 MST 1995

Remember, remember, the 11th of November ...

After I posted my little "Armistice Day" piece, I went to a
fundraiser for a local political case, where Daryl Cherney
reminded us all that November 11 is also the anniversary of the
hanging of the Haymarket Martyrs.

As well, a friend of mine who has been lurking on this list for
some time was moved to master the e-mail capabilities of her
communications program and sent me the following message:

Dear Tom:

     Thanks for the posting on the Internet on Armistice Day. All
this glorification of same is, of course, preparation for the
next war.  However, your glossing over Germany under the generic
"European powers" just won't do!

     Germany was winning the war against Russia, when the troops
were called home to put down mutinies in Germany, which caused
the Kaiser to flee to Holland on November 10, 1918.  These
mutinies included the naval mutiny in Kiel in 1918 (1995
Information Please Almanac, p. 193), and uprisings in the
following cities which were taken over by workers-soldiers-
sailors councils:  Hamburg, Bremen, Altona, Rendsburg, Lockstedt,
Cologne, Munich, Braunschweig, Hanover, Oldenburg, Rostock,
Magdeburg, Halle, Leipzig, Dresden, Chemnitz, Dusseldorf,
Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Darmstadt and Nuremberg.  (See The Lost
Revolution by Chris Harman (1982: Bookmarks, London, Chicago), p.
43.)  These are major cities from all parts of Germany: North,
South, East and West.  And as Lenin said, "Without the German
Revolution, we are doomed." (Harman, p. 11).  The German
Revolution was second only to the Russian Revolution in ending
WW1 and in historical importance.  See also, The German
Revolution and the Debate on Soviet Power: Documents 1918-1919,
Preparing the Founding Congress ed. by John Riddell, (1986,
Anchor-Pathfinder, New York).

     With a grandfather who served in the Kaiser's army, as well
as family friends who did same, I grew up with many stories of
German history.  They were part of the dinnertime conversation.

     Keep up the good postings!



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