Is Paisley a fascist?

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Tue Nov 14 20:47:07 MST 1995

I remember , once, getting into trouble with the Sparts in Sydney for
Paisley as a fascist.  They argued that this was the equivalent to
calling the the socialists in Germany in the 30 s "social fascists".

My reply was that they had never actually been in a crowd led by Paisley
as I had.  On one of my many drunken staggers caused by too much cheap whisky
(You see there are differences between Louis and me!) I actually  sailed
round a corner in Belfast one night and ended up in the
middle of a howling mob being whipped up by Paisley.  The problem was that I
didn't know any of the
bloody hymns.  All I could think to save my life was to keep repeating
"Fuck the Pope!"  I don't think I have ever been so popular since.

Now the trotskyists' scholasticism gave me the shits then and
still does after all these years.  But reading some comrades description oof the NOI as fascist has
brought home to me the necessity for care in the use of the label.  My
positon now is that it is impossible to tell whether people like Paisley
are fascist or not.  I suspect that he would not have stood out in the crowd
at Nurembourg.  He would have been right at home.  But the real question
we should be asking is "Is he *acting* like a fascist?" (acknowledgement
to comrade Proyect here).  And the answer must be that he is not.  He is
actually most at home with constitutional wrangles and is very scared of
the hard men (sic and sick) that his rhetoric has helped to create.  Having
said that he is still a turd.



PS.  I hope to be able to respond soon to Jon's attempt to broaden out the
discussion of
fascism.  Unlike Adam I do not think that Trotsky has said it all, but I
don't want to mystify the debate either.  Not that Jon was trying to do

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