Being in the world--there was a punchline??

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Tue Nov 14 22:23:46 MST 1995

On Tue, 14 Nov 1995 UticaRose at wrote:

> isn't this projection business an ineluctable part of human cognition and
> analysis. Marx complained at some point about how the revolutionaries of the
> 19th century used the images of the French Revolution, or how the French
> relied on the Romans or something like that. some might say that our
> immediate ancestors projected their desires for a better world onto that
> Soviet object external to themselves. that is more of a problem with
> metaphysicians but also a vocational hazard for the rest of us.

	I agree 100%.  I'm sure we're suffering under similar delusions
(cyber-diarrhea comes to mind...)

> by the way, just try to have the LAST word in an argument with a jesuit.

	That's what I was afraid of -- I got sucked-in, though..!   :>

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