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Thu Nov 16 10:32:39 MST 1995

Louis says:
<Anglo-American pillage of Argentina. Case in point: the
generals tried to take back the *Malvinas*, and their cause was progressive
despite the reactionary politics of the military.


Like the rest of the hard left in the UK
(mostly), I opposed the 'Falklands' war
and regarded the Malvinas as Argentinian
( as much as they were anything).

Yet despite the 'progressive' nature of the
cause embraced by the Argentinian military,
they lost the war to the British government
which was pursuing a reactionary cause.
Nevertheless, the defeat led to an arguably
progressive outcome, viz the collapse
of the
Argentinian Junta and return of civilian
government (and possibly improvement
in human rights situation.

I guess this sort of shows the contradictory
way that history moves, doesn't it?

will brown   bristol  england

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