Marxism report Pt.1

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Thu Nov 16 13:24:00 MST 1995

        The following is the third draft, 1st isttalment of my report,
remember guys, I am only 14.



     Marxism is the only political idealogy which incorporates the
general public into itself. Nationalism, Fascism, Conservatism, all
has tied to them the links of race, or capital; marxism's only
demand is that the majority must always profit. This is the one
reason marxism can never go away, it is a people's movement.
     This is also the reason that the bourgeois continue to attack
every country which accepts Marxism.  The one thing they knew was
that their money can't control  the people. There will never be
enough police, tear gas, of sticks to beat all the workers down
with. The bourgeois accept, and even assist fascist, or
nationalism, countries under the preference of preventing Marxism.
This is the tactic of divide and conquer, this only splits the
workers into groups, fighting each other.
     This makes marxism a clear target, and easy target for the
attacks of Conservatism, and neo-liberalism.  The lies that are
repeatedly told make worker's fight each other, and excuse the
restriction of hard fought freedom's in the name of the common

     2.Divide and Conquer

          "The bourgeoisie forged the weapons that bring death to
           itself; it has also called into existence the man who
           are to wield those weapons-the modern working class-
           the proletarians" Manifesto of the communist party

     That statement is true except the bourgeoisie has found
effective ways of dealing with the working class.1) Forcing them to
fight each other, 2) crushing strikes, and protest in the name of
the law. Vietnam, Korea, Cuba, Nicaragua, millions sent of our
ranks to defend the "democracy" and "free choice" which didn't give
them a choice to go to war. Millions sent to there death killing
people they didn't know in the name of people who didn't know them.
     The modern Race-Wars, petty-fighting, union fighting, all
serve one there purpose. Every violent clash, gives another excuse
for the "democracy's", to react, every violent action, has a re-
     We must embrace a new theory, a new stand where the workers
stand non-violently in solidarity. We must stop the petty-fighting
which is most cases is created by the bourgeoisie and then used
against use.
     Once the bourgeoisie have no reason to react violently, people
will see them for there true self. Once we are united,, only then
can we see out real target.

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