Indians and class

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Fri Nov 17 01:06:19 MST 1995

On Mon, 13 Nov 1995, Tom Condit wrote:

> Jim is quite right that the *present* system of "chiefs," etc.,
> among the Indians has been defined by the imperial powers.  It
> would, however, be a mistake to conclude that there was no
> stratification in the Americas prior to the European conquest.

	I'd just like to make it clear that I agree with you and am not
whitewashing the aboriginals.  FI, I really have difficulty with all this
`Creator' stuff (I hear Burns laffing in the background), but I've stood
in the `Circle' too... (was kinda like the swearing-in oath's part about
defending against communist infiltration in a union hall..! :)

	Sounds like a great book you quoted from.

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