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Paul Martin PAULM at
Fri Nov 17 13:22:07 MST 1995

people may be interested (louis i'm sure) to know that slovo's
'unfinished autobiography' has just been published in south africa.
Called (straightforwardly enough) _Joe Slovo: The Unfinished
Autobiography_, it is published by Ravan Press in Johannesburg. It
was formerly only scraps of paper in a dirty yellow flatfile written
during periods in exile.

a local weekly, the _Weekly Mail & Guardian_, is serialising the book
beginning today (Friday 17th November). It has a web site
( and you might be able to find it located
there, but of this i am not sure. if you come across a woman
wandering around in a bright red powersuit, by the name of Dr
Mamphele Ramphele trying to sell you a copy of her autiobiography
(she was the one-time lover of Steve Biko now University of Cape
Town vice-chancellor) you know you are in the right place!!

the cost of the book is R59.99 (i suppose about $15) ...

i would be happy to review it if anyone was interested, but this
could only be done in mid January '96.

any thoughts?

in solidarity



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