Fascism (Rose and Proyect)

Fri Nov 17 09:32:59 MST 1995

To Jim J.:
     Crushing workers' councils does not fascism make.
Are all anti-worker systems fascist?  This makes the term
"fascist" so broad as to become meaningless.
     I am not defending the current Iranian regime.  As I
said, it is repressive, reactionary, and anti-worker.  It is
also fanatic in its ideology of Shi'i Islam and fundamentalist
Islam more generally, funding various movements in various
countries, some of them democratic, as in Algeria, some far
from it and committed to pure terrorism.
     But the Iranian regime is not racist, and as apparently
you agree, certainly less nationalistic than the Shah's regime.
Barkley Rosser
PS:  I shall be out of town and offnet until next Tuesday.

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