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Fri Nov 17 12:36:06 MST 1995

On Fri, 17 Nov 1995, Ralph Dumain wrote:

"Should I upload my three-part review of OPEN MARXISM, vol. 2?  Should I
relate my study of Feuerbach, and tell why I think Georges Labica's
MARXISM AND THE STATUS OF PHILOSOPHY is the best book on the subject?
Should I write up my tribute to Australian Marxist Jack Lindsay? Should
I write up my paean to the literary humanism of the English-speaking
world ...? Should I send my in-depth analysis of the ideological
underpinnings of Afro-American critic Stanley Crouch? Should I write up
my analysis of the logic of bourgeois philosophy of science over the
past century as alienated consciousness?"

Ralph, why not? You've worked on that stuff so why not to load some of
it? It doesn't matter whether some people find it interesting or not.

Besides, I think you have a point with that degeneration thesis [how
these immense amounts of daily postings help, for example, to clarify
basic principles of Karl Marx's and marxist's thinking, or to study
global effects of capitalism?] so this would be your contribution to stop

It's obvious that every now and then some nagging takes place, but it's
real boring when it continues... I've understood that this list isn't
only for some minor fraction politics but also for more general
discussion. Or am I delusional? (Or is it those who think that this list
could start a revolution?)

What about Georges Labica? Who is he? And Stanley Crouch? What have they
done to win your respect, Ralph? Don't be shy - just tell us!

Yours, Jukka Laari

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