Middle class re:will communism ever happen?

Mike Dean hs066 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Fri Nov 17 16:54:51 MST 1995

    Recently I read a posts from Loius (?) concerning the potential
of communism.  Unfortunatly I cannot remember all of the post.  However,
one section that intriuged me was the comment on the middle class.
It was something like this:
        There are as many people in the middle class
        in brittain as in the working class.
     I am assuming that this statement means that the working class is
not growing, but shrinking.
     The error in this statement is that there is no middle class, true,
some of the working class have provided better conditions and wages than
they previous had, but they are still members of the working class.
     Here is a good way of describing the difference of classes economically:
The worker runs on a C-M-C system.  That is to say that the worker starts with a commodity(labor-power) then sells it for money (M) then turns the money
back into a commodity (food, shelter etc.)
     The Capitalist, on the other hand, runs on a M-C-M' system.  That means
that s/he uses Money (or capital) (M) to buy a commodity ((labor)C).  By
exploiting this labor the capitalist gets more money than s/he started with
     As you all know many small capitalist have been bought by large
capitalists.  (boeng buying McCdonald Douglas is a good example) Thus, the
old bosses are now proletarians.

     As for the future:
     The worker is constantly trying to get more money and the capitalist
is trying to not let the worker do so. (I AM ABOUT TO BE DISCONNECTED!!  I

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