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Fri Nov 17 18:20:14 MST 1995

On Fri, 17 Nov 1995, Steve McDonald wrote:

> mother taught me.  You may have some interesting thoughts to share,
> but I skip them anyway because you are such a rude bastard.  You always
> squash and demean anyone else who disagrees with you (which is nearly
> everyone sine difference of opinion does exist).  I could happily do
> without your opinions if keeping them coming means that you will be rude
> to everyone else.  Go away, I say.  Take your reviews with you, for I
> wouldn't wipe my bum with them.  You are imbalanced, inhumane, and
> disrespectful.  Though I may suffer for not hearing your wise advice,
> I'll suffer less not hearing how you present it.

	Hey -- the guy breaks _me_ up...

	He's pretty harmless -- if you have a thick skin (which marxists

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