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Sat Nov 18 07:29:21 MST 1995

> Louis: Here are some questions from me:
> 1) Did you ever notice that when you eat black beans, you become more
> flatulent than with red beans?
> 2) Has anybody noticed the parallel between Merlau-Ponty's definition of
> the resubstantialized ego and middle-period Wes Craven films?
> 3) Can anybody recommend any readings on the philosophical contributions
> to Marxism by Maria Ouspenskaya's disciple, Hukkalaka Meshabob?

I do not have the answers to any of the above questions that Louis has
asked. He seems to believe, though, that the topic of critiqueing
philosophers and contemporary economic thought is a task only for the
"professors" and is therefore beneath him. In dismissing such tasks he
stands in a tradition opposed to both Marx and Marxist school of thought
since Marx.

Does Louis think that the world has not changed since Marx? If it has,
then Marxists have the responsibility to confront and critique new
developments, both political and theoretical. Is it enough is say:
Wittgenstein was a "bourgeois philosopher"?  We *must* do better than
that if we believe that Marxism is something more than a body of ancient
scrolls whose tenets need to be repeated over and over again uncritically.

It is disturbing to me that many of the _so-called_ political activists do
not recognize the _requirement_ for _critical_ theory in the Marxist
tradition. It is no wonder that this list is in a crisis when those who
raise serious issues for discussion are dismissed in such an empty and
meaningless fashion.

Before we can change the world, we must understand it.


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