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>       Hey -- the guy breaks _me_ up...

>       He's pretty harmless -- if you have a thick skin (which marxists


Having a thick skin is one thing.  Accepting and rationalizing Dumain's
verbal abuse is quite another.  There's nothing civil about him.  I
am not saying he's not smart;  I'm saying he's hostile and he dissuades
discussion.  *Any* politics which is about silencing the opinions of
everyone else is a not a politics I want to be involved in.  If you
characterize Marxism as thick-skinned resistance to dysfunctional abusive
pseudo-discourse  (and that is Ralph Dumain's best claim), then
color me blue, or green, or purple -- ANYTHING but red.  WHo would
want to be a part of a political discourse which was a contest to make
the others "Shut the fuck up." ?  Um, sorry, but that's *not* a model
of politics - it's a model of tyrrany.  Competing tyrants. Worthless blather.

No, I don't think that's what Marxism is about (Leninism *maybe*, and JUST
maybe.)  I don't even think that's what this list is about, either.  I read
all the posts.  I see healthy arguments, some of which go on for a long time
(LTV, for example).  But then there's Ralph and his contribution to the
Farrakhan debate ("Shut the fuck up.") and his response to our Jesuit colleague
("Shut the fuck up.") and his reponse to culture studies ("Shut the fuck up.").
SOme arguments and some people he tolerates, for whatever reason.  But what
good is tolerance?  He cannot accept anything else than his narrow (yet
intelligent) point of view. He's anti-discussion.  He's anti-political.  He is
the truest enemy to Marxism.

Having a thick skin to people like Dumain is simply a form of co-dependency.
C'mon Ralph, beat me.  ABuse me, I need it to be a good Marxist.  Fuck that.
If there is not a lively discursive realm (agonistic and performative, FINE) in
the realm of Marxist discussion on this list, then it is nothing but talking to
each other about what we all agree upon.  No point to that!  But I say there is
one, a space for discussion, but Ralph does not fit into it.  He tries to
destroy it.  That's evil.  Burn him.

STeve McDonald

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