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**EDITORIAL - U.S. out of Japan**

(Reprinted from the November 18, 1995 issue of the People's
Weekly World. Maybe reprinted or reposted with PWW credit.
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"Who can take it, these U.S. military bases in Okinawa?"
That is the headline on a half-page ad in the New York Times
protesting the continued U.S. military occupation half a
century after the end of World War II.

"Since Okinawa's reversion to Japan in 1972," the ad states,
"4,716 crimes have been committed by military personnel,
including 509 particularly heinous crimes. These crimes
jeopardize the fundamental human rights of the Okinawan

Clearly, one of the crimes is the recent rape of a 12-year-
old Okinawa girl by three U.S. enlisted men -- a brutal act
that has galvanized anger throughout Japan. The ad points
out that the Clinton administration will open a summit
meeting with Japan Nov. 20 to evaluate the U.S.-Japan
Security Treaty. "We consequently fear the strengthening of
U.S. forces in Okinawa and their permanent establishment on
our island," the ad reads.

The cost of maintaining U.S. military bases worldwide is
about $100 billion per year. Think about that price tag
while the Republicans shut down the federal government to
force through $270 billion cuts in Medicare and $245 billion
in tax gifts for the rich, their Contract on America. For
his part, President Clinton would deploy many thousands of
U.S. troops to Bosnia, costing billions more to extend the
U.S. "sphere of influence."

The excuse for deploying U.S. troops around the world was to
counter a "Soviet threat." The hoax is exposed now that the
Soviet goblin is gone. No country in the world threatens
U.S. national security.

The real mission of U.S. military power was, and is, to
serve as a global cop for the transnational banks and
corporations. Bring the troops home and we would have money
to fully fund human needs programs and balance the budget,

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