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Ryan Daum rdaum at
Sat Nov 18 19:02:33 MST 1995

In response to Louis's "advice" to Militant Labour.

Your "advice" to Militant is ridiculous.  Organizations should not
dissolve themselves into broader fusions -- they should work in them as
outlined tendencies which have the right to have their own press, their
own international links, and their own organization in and out of the new
party.  The party should be a federation of activists with various lines
on various issues with organizational rights for each tendency.  This is
the classic demand of the Fourth International and is the basis of its
regroupmentist policy, and is also the actual structure of the Workers
Party you so admire.

Disolving whole organizations in order to build a new party is a message
of suicide for the left.  What is needed is a real politics of coalition
and united front...

In solidarity,

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