Value of Gramsci

Chris Burford cburford at
Sun Nov 19 00:50:40 MST 1995

Thanks, Leo, for the clear concise post about Gramsci.

I have long heard words to the effect that there are
diamonds in Gramsci, waiting to be mined. Why isn't
anyone mining them?

Is it the case that the value of Gramsci is as you summed
him up, pointing to the emphasis on civil society, and the
value of a more nuanced understanding of the state, in order
to further class struggle against its repressive and even
fascist aspects? And we just have to get on with it on
concrete issues.

And indeed you have tended to slog it out on this list on
specific issues, tending to put such a more nuanced view,
to the great suspicion of a number of subscribers.

The only point that occurs to me for further clarification:
as a slow reader, I would appreciate a summary of Gramsci's
views on the party.

What other diamonds am I missing?

Chris, London

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