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Sun Nov 19 05:18:56 MST 1995

JJ Plant asked: "Is it necessary to understand 'regulation theory' to
discuss Marxism and green politics?"

No. Regulation theory, a major school of Marxist economics based in
France, only came up because Alain Lipietz had been one of if not the
best-known representative of that school.

To Scott:

1) The Greens are not a significant political force in this country, but
are in many other (primarily European) countries. I understand that they
had a very good showing in recent elections in Germany. Consequently, the
urgency of developing Green/Marxist political alliances and developing
Marxist answers to Green concerns is more important, at present,
internationally (although, the underlying issue of whether Marxists have
a satisfactory position on ecology is important, politically and
theoretically, here as well),

2) Many greens are explicitly anti-capitalist and are also anti-Marxist.
We're going to have to come up with a better answer than capitalism is
responsible and socialism can solve environmental problems. In part,
Marxists will have to explain why the level of environmental destruction
occurred within the USSR and the "peoples democracies."

3) Is Gorby really Green?


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