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Sun Nov 19 12:45:32 MST 1995

To Louis, computer programmer:

1) Thank you for the recommended readings. You might want to check out
two newer, and more sophisticated, works of relevance on this subject:

-- Martin O'Connor ed. _Is Capitalism Sustainable?: Political Ecology and
     the Politics of Ecology_, NY, The Guilford Press, 1994

-- Elmar Altvater _The Future of the Market: An Essay on the Regulation
      of Money and Nature after the Collapse of 'Actually Existing
      Socialism_, London, Verso, 1993

2) I am not "some kind of Trotskyist" as you should know if you had been
paying attention.

3) In the future, consider it a complement when another list member gives
you a detailed response to your posts (as I did with your paper on the NEP).

4) You said yesterday, in response to Leo, that you *do not know* why you
"pick fights" with others. Unlike Chris B., I am not a psychologist by
profession, but your post yesterday strongly suggests that you need
professional help. (BTW, why didn't Chris B. pick-up on that comment?).

To Chris B.:

Please continue with your psychological profiles. I could recommend
others on the list who would make very interesting case studies.

To all those who defend Ralph:

Have you no principles? Have you no shame? Does an occasional burst of
intelligence justify the [sexist, homophobic, and anally- {and
orally} directed -- thank you, Chris B.] abuse that he levels at others?


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