fascism and unions and the masses

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You wrote:
>	What were the communists and socialists THINKING when they
>into bed with the imperialists??  Was Pero'n the greater of the two
>in their minds?  Perhaps Peronism has _some_ elements of fascism, but
    Carlos Replies:

    Well, here is the interesting thing.  Peron, himself, was a
    sympahizer of the initial fascist movement.  As a matter of fact,
    before the 1943 populist military coup d'etat in Argentina, he
    was, in the mid 30s, military attache of the Argentinian Embassy
    in Rome.

    When he started his political career as a politician, after 1943,
    he *replaced* the "fascios" with the unions (the only problems,
    unions were a working class organizations and the fascios were
    petitbourgeois organizations).  Then he applied most ot the
    rhethoric against "superpowers" of the defeated italian imperialism
    to the Argentinian, semicolonial world (I'm being here a little
    sektchy and supeficial, but it will suffice to give you a hint).
    Then what in Italy was a cry to "revive italian imperialism" in
    Argentina translated into "let's get rid of English imperialism".
    So, maybe he tried, but under the conditions of a semicolony and
    without the middle class support (in fact the middle class in the
    40s and 50s was rabidly anti-peronist) and with aproject to BUILD
    BOURGEOISIE AS A ITALY) he ended up with a "populist, bourgeois
    nationalist movement", supported by a small fraction of the
    petty bourgeoisie, and emerging faction of the national bourgeoisie
    and the bulk of the working class.  Intead of a fascist movement
    that, under the conditions of semicolonial oppression WAS NO
    It is interesting to note two things.  During the electoral
    campaign, members of the Unión Democratica used the "Marselleise"
    as their anthem and Peronists invented "Los muchachos peronistas"
    as their song.  In the latter, in what part, it said: "Peron became
    great fighting against capital".

    What happened with Socialdemocrats and Communists is that they saw
    the superficial elements of fascism in Peron and attacked him as
    such  (they were too European as to be effective in a semicolony)
    and, of course, they sided with the "antifascist" bourgeoisie and
    with the "anti-fascist imperialism" (US).  Results?, they lost all
    influence in the working class and were reduced to minuscule
    parties fo decades.  Workers still call them "gorilas" (term
    utilized to call everyone who is anti-peronists").

    What they are they doing now.  Well, not much different. Only
    reverse.  Communists supported Peronists unconditionally for a
    while  (at the time of its decay during the early 80s) and so they
    gave him the mantle of "progressivenes" they needed to rcuperate
    their influence in the working class.  Now, they align themselves,
    once more, with bourgeois parties to opposse "Peronism" for the
    wrong reasons ... you go and figure that out!



> It is
>>     interesting to note that 40 years later, another Peronist

>>     government, Menem's government, completed the selling of
>>     to imperialism.  It took so long because the stupidity of

>>     imperialism then.  The left couldn't do nothing because the same
>>     mistake they did then.
>	So what exactly have the idiots done THIS time?  (We know Menem
>is a jerk...)
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