Matt D., Bryan, get to it!!

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Sun Nov 19 17:19:31 MST 1995

As Rodney King said, can't we all get along together? Goddamnit.

OK, Matt D. and Bryan, you move to the head of line. And Matt D., stop
behaving like that nut-job Louis Proyect and leave Steve MacDonald alone.
The last thing the sinister genius Ralph Dumain needs is defending from
you. It's about time you got back to the Guerin. No procrastinating
around here. What do you think this is, some low-rent jive-ass graduate
school? What am I going to have to do you knuckleheads, give you a B- for

Uncle Lou

On Sun, 19 Nov 1995, Chegitz Guevara wrote:

> On Sun, 19 Nov 1995, Louis N Proyect wrote:
> > Bryan Alexander is working on a post dealing with Gramsci's understanding
> > of fascism. How timely! (That is an unsubtle hint, Bryan, get busy.)
> >
> > Louis
> >
> > ps. Matt D. and Cheygitz, you two are next at bat.
> Yoiks! I need another week before I can even get started. My finals are
> this week. :)
> > On Sun, 19 Nov 1995, Chris Burford wrote:
> >
> > > Thanks, Leo, for the clear concise post about Gramsci.
> > >
> > > I have long heard words to the effect that there are
> > > diamonds in Gramsci, waiting to be mined. Why isn't
> > > anyone mining them?
> The reason that Gramsci seems underappreciated amongst the revolutionary
> left is that his work was relatively unknown outside of Italy for
> sometime, owing to the fact that the Italian CP didn't know what to make
> of him. I understand that he was disowned for a time because he was
> opposed to Stalin. When his work finally began to make the rounds, its
> extremely convoluted language (necessitated by the fact that it had to
> get past Fascisti prison censors) made it difficult for anyone who wasn't
> a PhD philosphy professor to understand.
> This vagueness also makes it possible for people to project onto Gramsci
> their own desires and beliefs, and the Western Marxists have done this
> with a vengence. And because of the difficulty in reading Gramsci, I think
> too many on the revolutionary left have just let it slide. Let's face it,
> reading his work is just lke reading some Post Modernist tract.  Gramsci
> sounds like a duck.
> But Gramsci never walked like a duck. He was a revolutionist first and
> foremost, and his works need to be understood in this light. He was
> looking for a solution to the same problems we are facing today, how do we
> build a revolutionary party capable of winning? Unfortunately for us,
> it's written in code.
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