Update on the class struggle in Australia

Marcus Strom MSTROM at nswtf.org.au
Mon Nov 20 14:26:39 MST 1995


 I really liked your latest piece on this subject.

I went to the industrial commission this morning to hear Hawke's
submission on behlaf of the ACTU. It was quite interesting. He
basically claimed Deakin and liberalism as the founding factor in the
fabric of the IR system - he's right! He quoted deakin in 1903 in
moving the bill which established the Concilliation and Arbitration
Commission where he stated "formerly industrial relations depended on
who could mobilise the most forces.....Now it is based on fairness
between equal parties before the commission"!

I too think that the ACTU will win this one. It is the FIRST time
that they have ever called such national industrial action. It is
both a warning to a potential Liberal government and part of the
Labor Party's reelection campaign.


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