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Mon Nov 20 00:04:55 MST 1995

I concur with Jerry that the volume,
Martin O'Connor, is useful.  There is
another book put out by Guilford Press,
by Enrique Leff, called GREEN PRODUCTION:
RATIONALITY.  I haven't read it yet
but the publishers' blurb looks quite
promising.  Michael Watts of UC Berkeley,
reviewing this work writes as follows:

"A magisterial synthesis of Marxism,
ecology, and cultural theory.  Leff's
book sweeps away much of the intellectual
and theoretical detritus surrounding
sustainability, and proposes a compelling
vision for an alternative ecotechnological
<sic> rationality.  An important and provocative
intervention by an internationally renowned
environmentalist and activist".

The other reviewers quoted <including Elmar
Altavater> are equally enthusiastic.  And
the publishers add:

"Over the last two decades, the environmental
cost of capital accumulation has emerged as a
serious social and economic problem.  Enrique
Leff provides a Marxist approach to environment
and development that focuses on the process of
production, as well as implications of the environmental
crisis in human values.  To truly achieve a more rational
and integrated use of our natural resources, he
convincingly argues that we must reorient science
and technology toward the objectives of sustainable
development, the decentralization of production, and
the participatory management of natural resources."

Does anyone who has read this work have any critical
comments to add?

Peter Burns SJ
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