Socialist Civility

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Mon Nov 20 00:59:51 MST 1995

On Sun, 19 Nov 1995 LeoCasey at wrote:

> I would put this way:
> Some folks on this list haven't figured out the difference between shocking
> the bourgeoisie and, if I may borrow some old Leninist imagery from my past,
> smashing the bourgeoisie. This is connected, in part, by a tendency to treat
> the list not as a place for interesting conversation and dialogue about
> political practice, but as a replacement for political practice itself. Thus,
> the dropping of all "bouregois niceties" in discussion with others (who, we
> seem to forget, share at least some common intellectual and political
> concerns) becomes a form of class struggle.
> To which I would say two things:

	Stick it in yer ear, Casey -- I'm so busy DOING politics that I'm
_WEEKS_ behind in my mail for this List!!   :>

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