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Christopher Gunn 1k1mgm at KUHUB.CC.UKANS.EDU
Mon Nov 20 14:55:28 MST 1995

Robert Peter Burns <rburns at> writes:

>       I admit to now feeling somewhat discouraged from even
>       bothering to continue on this list.

Hang in there, Peter.  These things go through phases:  for a while
Bhaskar and the philosophy of science, for a while the labor theory
of value, for a while backbiting, whining and schoolyard-grade personal
abuse....  It'll be something else soon.

>       2. that it would be better to read Marx in a more humanistic/
>       Aristotelian/Hegelian spirit [....]

It could be argued that the teleological Aristotelian strain unmistakeably
present in Marx is one of the biggest problems in his work, leading to
essentialistic thinking about the proletariat, the inevitability of socialism,

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