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Mon Nov 20 22:52:42 MST 1995

Alex Trotter wrote:

>I've looked at the current issue of *Science and Society* and the most
>interesting article for me was the one about Lenin's notebooks on Hegel.
>Here was presented a Lenin beyond Lenin, one who seemed to break with the
>mechanical materialism of his own past (i.e.,*Materialism and
>Empirio-Criticism*) to reexamine the legacy of Hegel and German idealist
>philosophy, but who then shrank from the implications of his own work.


Althusser's analyses of both texts ('Lenin and Philosophy' and 'Lenin
Before Hegel') say exactly the opposite.  The product of a different
reading, perhaps?  But this 'Marxist and Hegelian dialectics' debate is an
old one, isn't it?


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