farewells and the l*st's "charter"

Jon Beasley-Murray jpb8 at acpub.duke.edu
Tue Nov 21 11:14:38 MST 1995

I'm always disappointed when anyone leaves this l*st.  I was so it seemed
that mim3 left, and would be if (say) Ralph or Louis were to go--though
all in very different ways.  Which is not to say I agree with any of them
or with the way they express themselves.

We are collectively responsible for the kinds of discussions that we
enable or prevent.  Clearly some of the people here do on occasion
discourage discussion even as they produce it.

With the volume of messages here, instant response and offense becomes
much easier than applause or apology.  The l*st-form encourages
discursive loops, and positive feedback loops seem to emerge far less
frequently than negative ones.

[I may well have misused that technical vocab., but there we are]

I am tired and distracted because of various things happening in my
"real" life, but things don't improve when I log on and see this
degeneration.  But I don't believe anyone is around merely to cause
offense, and that we should be continually returning to the discussion of

The "charter" for the l*st, such as exists, is in the info message
everyone received upon joining.  The new co-mods/spoon liasons/whatevers
have suggested it is time to update this message, and I see no reason why
it should not be continually up for revision.  I append what seem to be
relevant sections below.

In the meantime, and until this text is revised, it seems only
appropriate for people to try to work within its guidelines and with its

Take care


Jon Beasley-Murray
Literature Program
Duke University
jpb8 at acpub.duke.edu
Purpose of the list:

The MARXISM list has been conceived as a place to explore the field of
textual and political production generated by the work of Karl Marx (and
Friedrich Engels).

Clearly, this field encompasses a diversity of differing traditions and
figures, from Lenin and Luxemburg to Williams and West; the complete A to Z
from Althusser to Zizek, one might say.  It is not the intention of the
moderators of this list that any particular tradition or orthodoxy should
receive more attention or more "allegiance" on this list than any other.
Indeed, the moderators see little particular benefit in calling themselves
"Marxists" and scarcely require participants in the list's discussion
necessarily to identify themselves as "Marxists" either.

Rather, the list should be a forum for open engagement and enquiry with all
aspects of these Marxist traditions--and we hope that this will be an
interdisciplinary engagement, bringing together historians, economists,
sociologists, artists, literary critics, philosophers and so on.
Furthermore, while it is anticipated that the list will be primarily
"academic" in nature, this is by no means meant to devalue or prevent
contributions from activists or others outside the formal educational


We particularly welcome contributions concerning the relations between
marxism and other liberatory thought, such as feminism, black studies,
queer theory, postcolonialism.  Constructive contributions from anyone
will be welcomed--there is no orthodoxy on the marxism list!

list "etiquette":

MARXISM is "unmoderated" and all posts to marxism at lists.village.
virginia.edu are distributed to the whole list without
being reviewed or approved by anyone.  MARXISM is also something of an
electronic community, which is self-governing and self-policing.
Ordinary respect and courtesy towards other list members is expected,
and flame wars are, of course, discouraged.  Recognizing, however, that
disputation is the norm in politics, threads will not be interrupted
simply becaue the tone grows heated, as it sometimes does.  Yet openness
and toleration of difference are to be valued above dogmatism (of
whatever stripe).  It is up to each of us to see to it that bad
temperedness or insensitivity does not become a problem.

Each list member is asked to help make the list work by being an active
participant--posting when you have something to contribute and letting
the rest of the list know when something happens on the list that concerns
you and that you would like the rest of the list to consider.

MARXISM is brought to you by the Spoon Collective, a group of Net
citizens devoted to free and open discussion of philosophical issues on
the Internet.  Based on the Collective's philosophy, PLEASE BE AWARE THAT
WILL NOT BE CENSORED. For that reason, if you are not interested in
receiving such posts, please do not subscribe.  If you are already
subscribed, please unsubscribe.


Further, be aware that this is a high volume list.  No one is expected to
read all messages posted, and it is probably a good idea to settle in,
figure out which threads interest you, and try to avoid un-necessary
posting if at all possible.  In fact, you will find that the proporition
of thoughtful posts is remarkably high.

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