UK left addresses

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Wed Nov 22 07:03:59 MST 1995

I am trying to compile a list of the addresses of UK left groups
and publications.

Please post (to me personally, not the list!). I'm after the addresses
on any groups to the left of the labour party. I haven't evemn got Militants
so that would be a starter. I do not want addresses that are not for
public use. I would like addresses of magazines and newspapers to be tied to
the group that produces them. If possible I would like a three word description'of the politics/flavour of the group/magazine. (eg deeply theoretical anarchist/left comunist).

When I have compiled my list I will send it free to all groups on the list
and also post it on this list.


will brown  bristol   england

PS  I already have about 20 groups/mags

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