the worst piece of sh-- written by man (fwd)

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Wed Nov 22 17:55:36 MST 1995

	Having gotten a couple of requests by people who want to know what
they are responding to, I am hesitently forwarding this. As you may have
already read, Cornell is not going to do anything about this.

Marc, "the Chegitz," Luzietti

I'm not anti-society, society's anti-me
I'm not anti-religion, religion's anti-me
I'm not anti-tradition, tradition's anti-me
I'm not anti-anything, I just want to be free.

Mike Muir of Suicidal Tendencies

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Here it is, per your request!

Alena Jue....

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>From: ledemarc at COLBY.EDU (Laura E. DeMarco)
>Subject: you really should read this, and do something.
>ffd:        We got this from some guy that forward it to us, and
>fortunately, the assholes that wrote if left there names on it, so, we
found >all their e-mail addresses.  Read it, and if it annoys you as much as
it >annoyed us, take a second to send a message to all of the four authors.  If
>don't have time to read it-- just read numbers
>, and 74.  Also, send it to any friends you have.  We would like to annoy
>the fuck out of these guys.
>Messages from others who have received this piece of shit:  (actual message
>can be found at end)
>>Hi there.  I'm sorry if you've received this already, but I thought that you
>>all should have a chance to read this, and to respond to the authors.  If you
>>have no idea what this is, be sure to read all of the comments that
precede the
>>actual document written by the four ignorant, sexist bastards whose names and
>>e-mail addresses are listed near the bottom of this message.  Please forward
>>this to anyone else you think would be interested in responding.
>>This unbelieveably misogynistic bullshit written by four men of Cornell is
>>being circulated in the hope that both women and men will become more aware of
>>the sexism rampant in our society and will respond as they see fit.  The email
>>addresses of the four brilliant authors can be found below if you care to let
>>them know how much you've appreciated their wit and intelligence.
>>(The actual document appears after all previous comments.)
>>Hello all,
>>                                Please read this through to the end and
>>as you see fit. It is absolutely appalling. Also, please forward it to all
>>concerned parties.
>> i think it's a
>>piece of work that affects all of us. some boys at cornell thought this
>>was funny, obviously, but i am hardly amused. forward it to whoever you
>>can, especially cornell students, and tell them to boycott these jerks.
>>read the forwarded messages below and you can even get their email
>>addresses and send shit their way, if so inclined.
>> what is this shit?  Is this for real?
>>But, you know what to do...  (read the messages
>>other people forwarded too...)
>>        I hope that some of these make you as mad as they made me.  Its
>>hard to believe that this was produced by some male students from Cornell.
>>Aren't those students supposed to be well educated?  I don't know about
>>you, but I want to flame these guys.  Some women from Cornell, who were
>>also upset by this message, found out the email addresses of the four
>>idiots who wrote this.  Feel free to write and tell them what complete
>>fools they are!
>>So we are living and breathing books and lectures and becoming more well
>>rounded, educated people; well this should light a fire under each of
>>you, because it REALLY pissed me off and gave me a glimpse of what it is
>>like outside of our dorms and classrooms.  Read on, if you can, and send
>>this to many, and especially send mail to those who authored it...
>>Just when i'm getting idealistic and thinking that people aren't *really*
>>that sexist and no one would want to do something to intentionally hurt
>>someone, things like this come along.  I'm at a loss for what to do, How can
>>you change people who are so proud of their ignorance and blatently, well,
>>assholes?  And people say that femanists make things up and exaggerate,
>> Read this, it fucking pissed me off like
>>>nothing ever has, send it to men and women alike, write to these
>>>bastards.  Especially send it to anyone at Cornell.  These assholes need
>>>to be ostricized.
>>>I have never seen anything this offensive in my life.
>> I thought
>>>that I would forward it to the list because there are probably a lot of
>>>people on the list who would like to respond. As will become apparent as
>>>you read this, the guys who wrote this are extremely ignorant, sexist
>>>assholes. The people who forwarded this to me from Cornell have decided
>>>that the best way to piss these guys off is to send it back to them (a lot
>>>of people have been doing so.) If you feel so inclined after reading, you
>>>can forward it back really easily (their addresses are listed.)
>>>>ffd:        We got this from some guy that forward it to us, and
>>>>fortunately, the
>>>>>>>>assholes that wrote if left there names on it, so, we found all their
>>>>>>>>e-mail addresses.  Read it, and if it annoys you as much as it annoyed
>>>>>>>>>us, take a second to send a message to all of the four authors.  If
>>>>>>>>>have time to read it-- just read numbers
>>>>>>>>>, and 74.
>>>>>>>>>Also, send it to any friends you have.  We would like to annoy
>>>>>>>>>fuck out of these guys.
>>*******************Written by the four-players of CORNELL:
>>>Evan Camps,   send_email_to: emc13 at
>>Brian Waldman,   send_email_to: blw7 at
>>Rikus Linschoten, send_email_to:  rrl2 at
>>and the late-season acquisition,
>> the Deion Sanders of sexism, Pat Sicher. send_email_to: phs8 at
>>        Top 75 reasons why women (bitches) should not have freedom of speech:
>>"Let's go back to the good old days when men were men and women were ribs"
>>1.  She doesn't need to talk to get me a beer.
>>2.  If she's in the kitchen like she should be, no one can hear her
>>3.  If she can talk, all she'll do is complain.
>>4.  Because she won't say "I will" instead of "I do."
>>5.  No man wants to hear "first down" during a basketball game.
>>6.  Because PMS is no excuse for whining.
>>7.  No man needs or wants to hear the word "period" unless it has
>>to do
>>with hockey.
>>8.  Women created tampon and yeast infection commercials during
>>9.  Affirmative action.
>>10. When men whistle at them in the street, they should just shut up
>>obey anyway.
>>11. If my dick's in her mouth, she can't talk anyway.
>>12. Oprah.
>>13. Feminists.
>>14. Because that stupid look on her face should not be accompanied by
>>an equally stupid statement.
>>15. The 2nd and 19th amendments.
>>16. I don't want to be made to lie and say "I love you" after sex.
>>>17. Highway fatalities would decrease by over 90%.
>>18. When I sneak out at four in the morning, I don't want to hear
>>calling me back.
>>19. "No, I will NOT buy you tampons while I'm at the store"
>>>20. This is my dick.  I'm gonna fuck you.  No more stupid questions.
>>>21. Don't waste your breath, I won't respect you in the morning.
>>22. Women sportscasters.
>>23. Women congressman.
>>>24. God forbid, a woman president.  (Oops, my bad -- see #66)
>>25. Marge Schott.
>>26. Stupid says as stupid does (and is).
>>27. Dikes (unless I can jump in the middle).
>>>28. Where does speaking come into "barefoot and pregnant?"
>>>29. Yes that toilet seat was yellow in the first place.
>>30. TLC and Salt-N-Pepa.
>>>31. I could give a shit if you're pregnant.
>>>32. I don't care if you're in labor.  For the love of god, let me
>>>33. Women caused the 18th amendment.
>>>34. The life expectancy of the average male goes down with every
>>bitchy word.
>>35. Female drunks are annoying unless they put out (for which they
>>need to talk)
>>36. We're tired of their "We can't pee standing up" shit.
>>37. That damn apple.
>>38. If she can't speak, she can't cry rape.
>>>39. Of course, if she can't speak, she can't say no.
>>>40. Rosanne.  Nuff said.
>>41. Suzanne Powter.  Too much said.
>>42. Honestly, do they really have anything useful to say?
>>43. Only one set of lips should be moving at a time.
>>44. If she can't talk, she can't bitch when I forget important dates.
>>>45. There are no speaking parts in pornos anyway.
>>>46. When she talks she's not drinking, it's hard to get her drunk
>>>when she
>>>47. Nothing should come out a womans mouth, SWALLOW BITCH!
>>48. The Mute button only works on the TV.
>>49. Whores get payed by the hour not by the word.
>>50. Helen Keller was the ultimate woman.
>>51. Equality is for math.
>>52. The credit card bill speaks for itself.
>>53. If it hurts, I don't wanna hear it.
>>>54. Marcia Clark.
>>55. Chick-flicks.
>>56. You don't see Victoria's Secret models talking, do you?
>>>57. Janet, Mariah, and Whitney.
>>58. Michael Jackson.
>>>59. Silence and sex make a great combination.
>>60. N.O.W.? NO. NOW BITCH? YES.
>>>61. Intelligent car conversation? Hell no.  Her head should never be
>>the dashboard.
>>62. That annoying fat bitch from Snapple.
>>63. Your mouth is useful in so many other ways.
>>64. High phone bills really suck.
>>>65. Women should be seen and not heard.
>>66. Do you think it was BILL Clinton who fucked up the country?
>>>67. If I want romance, I'll turn on Playboy (hopefully not her).
>>68. Because they're not men.
>>69. 69, finally a use for both lips at the same time.
>>70. If I wanted your opinion, I'd ask for it.
>>>71. Hell, if I wanted your opinion, I'd give it to you.
>>>72. "Where've you been?" Who the fuck are you, my mother?
>>>73. Women on radio?  You can't see them, do you really want to hear
>>74. Unless the words are "Doctor, can you make these bigger?,"
>>shut the
>>fuck up.
>>>75. Big breasts should speak for
>>Written by the four-players of CORNELL:
>>>>>>>>>>>>Evan Camps, Brian Waldman, Rikus Linschoten, and the late-season
>>>>>>>>>>>>acquisition, the Deion Sanders of sexism, Pat Sicher.

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