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Thu Nov 23 10:16:12 MST 1995

> Tim Wohlforth <TimW333521 at> asks an important question:  Has the
> Labour Party in Britain QUALITATIVELY changed?
> I suggest that the answer is YES.

I would agree. However this in itself is not argument enough for supporting the
creation of the SLP. For a start your analysis in electoral terms is completely
anglo-centric, here in Wales we have a left alternative to the Labour Party in
Plaid Cymru. I would argue that its potential for transformation into a mass
workers' party is equal to that of any Socialist Labour Party that might
created. The task in Wales is to fight to build closer ties between the party
and the unions, and a greater level of mass support. But the longer the Labour
Party sells working class down the river in exchange for short term electoral
gain, the more likely this becomes (particularly under any future reactionary
Labour government).


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