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Thu Nov 23 12:42:23 MST 1995

Leo's brief notes on Gramsci are, for me, all very valuable.
	I want to dissent on one note: I'm not sure I ever argued for
isolating the pre-prison from the prison writings.  I accepted the idea
of reporting on G's take on fascism by focusing on the little-read early
journalism for various reasons: this material is quite focused and
organized; we are familiar with the PRISON NOTEBOOKS and can view the
earlier writings as complements and expansions/antecedents; many of these
essays address certain specific incidents and problems that the later
works do not (various strikes, criticisms, figures, etc.).  There's also
the sense of realism - I don't have the time right now to do a report on
a second, massive book as well as the first: the first will give us
plenty to work on for now.
	In other words: I hope list members will work in their
conceptions of the overall Gramsci oevre into discussions on these
particular items.

Bryan Alexander
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University of Michigan

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