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Subject: CGT General Strike France 11.24

Expected to paralyze industry

Partipating:  Transport, teachers, electricity, banks,
hospitals, telecommunications, public service,
university students and others.

A poll shows 65% of France's population supports a general strike.
Another trade union federation has also called a general strike
for Nov.30.
A 3rd union federation's leader has caused controversy by saying the
government's  cutback plan has positive points.

The govt. wants to lay off workers in order to reduce the social
security cost.  France's debt to the banks is $60 billion.


Nov.23 an earthquake cracked a 5,000-year old pyramid in Egypt,
one day following the 4th French nuke bomb explosion.  Previous
French tests were followed within 24-48 hours by earthquakes in
Mexico and in Sumatra where over 100 were killed.

In Ottawa Canada, Nov.23 an aboriginal person from Australia
spoke of the strong anger of South Pacific peoples for the
violation of their land and waters by France's government.

He said that the geology of the region is volcanic and it is
feared that volcano eruption could be triggered which will
spread the buried radioactive poison around the pacific.

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