Lincoln's aggression

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>      It is always regrettable when human affairs lead to war and
>progress cannot been achieved through peaceful means. But among all wars
>waged by humans, none has been more just, or more conducive to greater
>human happiness and fraternity, than Lincoln's war against the
>Confederate States of America.

This was the concluding paragraph of a rebuttal to a claim that the American
Civil War was, as unreconstructed Confederates have claimed, a War of
Northern Aggression. Thanks for all the detail. That Civil War, according to
some military historians (as I understand), marked the beginning of the era
of modern warfare. Was it also an early war of national liberation, albeit
waged by a federal national government ?

In any event, one of the genuine US shrines is Lincoln's Memorial in D.C. It
would be appropriate if there were monuments to the slaves but, even 130
years after the victory in the Civil War over the slaveholders, that would
apparently be too much.

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